Which Supplement Will Work Best for You?


As we continue to learn more about the human body and how to achieve wellness, it has become clear that sometimes whole food nutrition simply isn’t enough. As supplements become more advanced in quality, purity, and what they can offer, it makes sense for athletes and anyone trying to become healthier to include supplements into their routine. Below we have broken down each of our supplements and how they can work best for you. 

Whey Protein 

Our Whey Performance Protein in a Cinnamon Toast Crunch Inspired Flavor is a protein formula to aid in muscle growth and recovery. Whey protein is an extremely high-quality protein, containing all of the essential amino acids. In addition, it is very digestible, absorbed from the gut quickly compared to other types of protein. Because of this, it is one of the best dietary sources of protein available. This product contains 25g of protein in one scoop and 1g net carbs per serving. 

Pre-Workout Supplement 

Our clean energy, pre supplement gives you energy and laser-focus to get you through your workout. It comes in a delicious rocket pop flavor as well as rainbow supernova. This product is formulated specifically to increase muscle endurance and will aid you through any challenging workout. This pre-workout product contains 275mg caffeine per serving and 30 servings overall. 


The Aminos+ product is a unique blend of essential amino acids that support muscle growth and recovery. This product comes in a flavorful sour moon rock flavor and atomic bombsicle all while providing clean energy and focus. Amino acids are proven to reduce fatigue, decrease muscle soreness and much more. Aminos+ has 7g EAAs per serving and 100mg caffeine per serving. 


Our Greens supplement is a clean greens formula containing spinach, broccoli, spirulina, wheat grass & more! This product contains all the essential micro nutrients you need in your day and is a perfect addiction to any routine. This product is gluten free and comes with 60 servings. 


Shield is the ultimate all-in-one cycle support supplement that helps promote healthy kidney, liver, & organ function. This dietary supplement is made to reduce and minimize potential side effects and is perfect for people wanting to protect their body both during and after a cycle. Shield comes with 60 servings. 

Supplementation today could be regarded as a necessity rather than optional to supplement a balanced diet. It is important to remember to consult your doctor before taking any supplements. Check out these products here https://finalbossperformance.com/collections/frontpage