Necessities When Building A Home Gym

Having your own home gym setup is extremely practical for those with active lifestyles and the process of building a home gym out is truly exhilarating. Whether the home gym is your primary place to workout or not, there are countless benefits to having a home gym option. Easy access to fitness in this busy world is crucial. Here’s how to build a home gym and all the essential exercise equipment you’re gonna need.

The Space

You will need a safe space to set up your home gym. Ideally, you are looking for somewhere flat and away from the elements. For most of us this place will ideally be a garage or indoor room at ground level.

Next, we’ve got to get the floor in order. Flooring is going to be one of the most important considerations. The flooring must be able to withstand the impact of barbells being dropped on them, and to absorb the noise. We recommend rubber matting. 

Gym Equipment

In reality, it’s all about the equipment. So, what you choose to spend your cash on could make or break a home gym. 


Dumbbells are a useful piece of equipment for most people and they don’t take up a lot of space. If you have the space available, it’s nice to have a range of fixed weight dumbbells on a rack. If you don’t have much space, adjustable dumbbells are a good alternative.


For any style of home gym, a small selection of kettlebells is a must. It’s more flexible than a dumbbell as it has a broader range of dynamic uses, and it can still be used to teach highly technical, even unilateral movements like the snatch.


Ideally, an adjustable bench that can be set to flat, incline and decline (if necessary) will be ideal. 

Skipping Ropes

If you’re low on space, these are a must. Especially if there are no other cardio machines available. These fold up to take up minimal space and give a fantastic conditioning workout.

Resistance Bands

If you’re working out at home and don’t yet have the proper flooring in your home gym to safely use weights, resistance bands can be a good alternative.

Medicine Balls

Medicine balls are large and soft and could be used instead of weights. They can be thrown, sometimes slammed and can be used to improve coordination.

Squat Rack

We recommend a multifunctional power rack for squats. These safety cages will have adjustable safety arms and moveable J-hooks so if you’re benching alone and you need to bail on a lift, you can be safe. Many of these power racks come with a pull-up bar attached.


A barbell in your home gym will last a lifetime, and it will probably be one of the single biggest purchases you make.

Building a home gym is a great way to get a whole host of results on your own time. For more tips and to shop our line of the cleanest and most effective supplements visit